Our Story

Forever Sunglasses was founded in 2002 by our immigrant father, a hardworking visionary who tirelessly provided for our family of eight. His dedication and perseverance have always been our greatest inspiration. Despite the countless challenges, he pursued his dream of building a business that not only supported his family but also brought joy to others through high-quality, stylish sunglasses.

For the past two decades, Forever Sunglasses has been a beloved presence at local festivals, serving the Chicagoland area and gradually expanding its reach across the United States. Our commitment to providing exceptional eyewear and outstanding customer service has earned us a loyal following.

However, the ever-evolving digital landscape posed a unique challenge for our father. The generational gap made it difficult for him to leverage social media platforms, which emerged a decade after our business was established. While Instagram was created in 2010, we remained focused on face-to-face interactions and building relationships within our community.

Today, we stand at a pivotal moment. With over 6 billion people worldwide owning smartphones—more than the 4.5 billion who have access to toilets—we recognize the immense potential of digital outreach. As we embrace this new era, we are dedicated to fulfilling our father's dream of seeing Forever Sunglasses reach new heights.

Our mission remains unchanged: to offer stylish, high-quality sunglasses that make a statement. We are deeply grateful for the unwavering support of our father and the community that has stood by us. Now, as we harness the power of social media and modern technology, we are excited to bring Forever Sunglasses to a global audience, continuing to serve with the same passion and commitment that started it all.

Forever Sunglasses is more than a brand; it is a testament to our father's legacy and a promise to empower individuals to express their unique style with confidence and flair.